Terms and Conditions

• Shipments, unless explicitly agreed, are per delivery ex works our head office in Moncalieri (TO) Italy and packaging at cost;
• The goods are shipped at the risk and danger of the purchaser;
• Purchase orders, once started, cannot be cancelled;
• No complaint will be taken into consideration after eight (8) days from the goods delivery. The disputed goods must not have undergone any damages, engraved, processing or tempering. Checks will be performed according to the norms illustrated in the catalogs. Complaints, even if acknowledged as valid, do not involve any recourse but only the replacement or restoration of the goods;
• The delivery terms will be kept as punctual as possible, but considering that delivery dates are approximated (estimated), they are not binding;
• Delay in payments or any other default shall entitle us to the suspension any further supply;
• C.F. Torino srl declines any liability for any mistakes that may have incurred in filling out its catalogs and reserves the right to make any necessary changes;
• Any changes or exception to these general conditions of sale are only valid if there is a written ecceptance from us;
• Any such disputes as may arise in connection with the supply of our goods shall be submitted to the Courts of Turin (Italy).

Note: In the catalog, for all dimensions without tolerances, take into consideration the respective reference standards.
  • Terms and Conditions - CF Torino
  • Terms and Conditions - CF Torino
  • Terms and Conditions - CF Torino
  • Terms and Conditions - CF Torino