New Remote Date Stamp CUMSA FR


Turn on Traceability
The most common problems that make it difficult to achieve adequate traceability in the mold industry are:
- Complicated access to date stamps.
- Incorrect positioning of the arrow, resulting in the production of parts with incorrect information.
- A single operator assigned to 10 injection molding machines needs at least 50 minutes to update all the molds, during this period parts with obsolete information will be produced.
- Long production interruptions to update date stamp information.
- Quality problems in the pieces caused by the screwdriver scratches on the surface of the date window.
- Impossible to mark on thin pieces.
…and so on.
The new CUMSA REMOTE Dater was designed to update the date information from outside the mold.
The remote update function makes it a perfect solution for injection in a CLEAN ROOM as, by eliminating the need to open the mold, it guarantees better cleaning of the cavity.
There are many other important advantages and benefits for all types of molds in different industries.
- Optimize your production costs!
- Get a production without interruptions, the information is updated from the outside and with the mold closed.
- Contrast marking without relief on the plastic piece (max 0.005mm), the perfect solution for thin wall pieces and CLEANROOM applications. The homogeneity of the engraving increases the quality of the piece.
- At every turn or movement, the arrow always points perfectly to the exact number
- Zero scratches on the surface of the mold due to improper use of the screwdriver, improvement of the quality of the parts, and savings on cavity maintenance costs.
Ask for information ………and see the demo
  • New Remote Date Stamp CUMSA FR

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